PRIME2 Consulting

The technology needs of businesses and organizations are greater than they have ever been. With competition growing stronger every day, traditional businesses and organizations have had to learn how to leverage technology to stay competitive. No one is in a position to try unproven technology. No one is in a position to implement technologies and/or solutions that do not show appreciable return on investment. PRIME2 understands this fact. PRIME2 will work with you to create solutions that meet your immediate and future growth needs while keeping in mind the bottom line.

How we can help:
  • Managed Services (we can support any or all of these for our clients)
    • Configure, deploy, and maintain all laptops and computers
    • Configure, deploy, and maintain all servers
    • Configure, deploy, and maintain the network (routers, switches access points)
    • Maintain and support specialty software
    • Security and antivirus
    • 24x7 monitoring if needed

  • Vendor/technology vetting and selection

  • Staff outsourcing for short term and long term projects

  • Business process improvement via technology best practices

  • Virtual IT Manager/CIO — we handle all of your technology needs

Contact us to see the PRIME2 difference in your technology needs.

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