PRIME2 Consulting

PRIME2 was formed in 2003 with the vision to provide strategic and enterprise-based technology solutions to businesses and organizations regardless of their size.

Technology is expensive to purchase. Technology is expensive to implement. Poorly deployed technology is extremely costly when looking at the technology expense combined with lost productivity. Poorly implemented technology can rapidly erode goodwill and brand by having a few unsatisfied end-users and/or clients.

Anyone can purchase technology. A large amount of current technology has become easy to deploy. What is critical when implementing technology is to use best practices during deployment and to be aware of the limitations of technology. That knowledge only can be derived from experience from implementation in many different environments.

PRIME2 follows a proven 5 Step Approach

  1. Understand and define the issue/need

  2. Determine the needs of all affected stake holders relative to the issue/need

  3. After steps 1 and 2 are completed, only then can technology be addressed (very often technology isn’t the solution but simple improvements or process creation)

  4. Determine the ROI for the technology

  5. Put together metrics for ongoing evaluation along with process re-evaluation over time

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