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Visa has entered into a settlement agreement with litigators from its Wal-Mart case. Banks that issue debit cards under the Visa or MasterCard networks will lose millions of dollars in fee income for 2004. To help mitigate these losses, PRIME2 has created an implementation plan that will assist financial institutions that issue cards. The plan details how the institution can minimize lost fee income for 2004 and offers ongoing strategies to capture new revenue from debit cards.

PRIME2 enters into a partnership with Divergis Media Group. Divergis Media Group is the leader in the conversion of magazines and periodicals into spoken audio. PRIME2's expertise in process improvement and successful technology deployment will allow Divergis to grow exponentially and keep up with the demands of their existing and future clients.


       Establish a Partnership

The proper selection and successful integration of information technology often differentiates a profitable organization from its competition. Partner with a firm that  understands the business case for technology. PRIME2 will work with you to realize the revenue generating or expense saving potential of strategic technology deployments. Please select one of the categories above and see how PRIME2 can help your business achieve higher profits while reducing expenses.




PRIME2 Commitment


  We at PRIME2 will:


  Establish true partnerships with clients in all projects and engagements


  Leverage existing technologies and resources whenever possible


  Attain agreed upon financial goals with every engagement


  Never implement technology for the sake of technology